Decision-making software for managing a multiyear tech. investment plan across real-estate portfolios

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Intelligent multiyear plan management

Manage the life cycle of your assets

Automate your multi-year plan

Forecast the state of your assets through 2030

Carbon trajectory digitisation

Prerequisite: import previous energy audits

Project your 2030 scenarios

Optimise the associated carbon payback

…as well as the financial payback

Multi-year plan scenarios

As a result of your arbitrage of the different scenarios

What would your kWh or CO2 ratio be in 2030?

How to optimise it towards carbon neutrality?

Piloting the multiyear plan implementation

How is the multiyear investment workflow organized?

How will the software help with my decisions?

What level of reporting to secure the investment plan?

Tracking real spend vs validated budget

How much was validated for year N?

…but what budget was actually engaged…

…and how much did we actually spend?

Though 2030…

Preserve the detailed knowledge of your portfolio

Optimise your carbon trajectory

Secure the value of your assets

Our CAPEX Decision platform helps you manage your investment priorities

Software deployed in 9 countries

On more than 2000 sites

Managing 5M m² of real estate

1. We import your consumption data and details of previous energy audits

2. We connect your assets to our repository and those of our partners (INIES, CRREM, etc.)

3. The tool offers you scenarios to optimise your energy / carbon trajectory

5. Suitably informed, you can build the action plan that best matches your ambitions for your portfolio’s evolution

5. You conserve the value of your assets by collecting data for your ESG reporting

But CAPEX Decision isn’t limited to equipment with large energy / carbon footprints…

…it allows you to pilot the multiyear investment plan for the complete set of technical equipment…

…Energy-saving initiatives are therefore integrated into the global budget planning process

  • In what technical state are my sites?
  • Where are my investment priorities?
  • What multi-year plan to maintain the portfolio?
  • With my current plan, what is the 10-year projection?
  • What other scenarios could optimise my trajectory?

By summarising the life cycle of each piece of equipment, its full cost and its energy/carbon impact, the software is a practical decision-making tool

By consolidating the CAPEX needs as well as the technical state and the energy/carbon trajectory at the portfolio scale, the software is a support tool for the real estate decision maker.

Customer testimonials

Bernard Guntz, Auchan Retail’s technical asset director in 9 countries, testifies to the benefits of the tool for:

      • Understanding the technical condition of equipment & building elements
      • Consolidation of replacement/refurbishment needs and priority arbitration
      • Portfolio valuation in the event of asset sales

KPI’s origins

Before founding KPI Intelligence, Luc, Stuart, Gilles and Jérôme worked together at a software publisher in the energy sector.

Whilst working on projects with major real estate clients, they realised that there were no suitable decision-making tools available for:

Getting a global overview of the technical condition of a real-estate portfolio
Identifying and tracking investment priorities

These realisations were the seeds of KPI Intelligence.

Today, based in Vaulx en Velin near Lyon, the KPI team is made up of 15 passionate employees, developing top-class software with the best tools & methodologies available in order to control the lifecycle of a technical portfolio, and addressing the key issues of energy efficiency and carbon footprint reductions.

JulieProject Director
LucTechnical Artchitect
GillesQA Manager
AnthonySoftware developer
VincentDomain expert
IrynaCustomer Success Manager
CléliaCustomer Success Manager
RonanSoftware developer
ManuelSoftware developer
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Van DungSoftware developer
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