Our decision-making platform helps you drive the multiyear technical investment plan across your real-estate portfolio

Use our mobile auditing app to collect key info

Predict the future value of your technical assets based on your planned CAPEX

Identify your investment priorities – get the info you need for decision-making

Build & compare alternative investment scenarios & select the optimal plan

Deployed in 9 countries

on more than 2000 sites

5M m2 under management

By collecting targeted data, construct your multiyear technical investment plan

Watch the following user testimonials – different industries, same requirement: effective management of a long-term CAPEX strategy across a large real-estate portfolio

The origins of the KPI project

Whilst working together at a building / energy management software company, Jérôme, Stuart, Luc and Gilles recognized the need for a decision-making tool that would support identification & arbitration of CAPEX priorities across all aspects of the investment plan (building condition, regulatory compliance, asset valuation, …).

There can only be ONE multi-year plan, within which there can be several competing budgetary priorities – identifying and focusing on the real priorities is key.

These were the beginnings of the KPI Intelligence project.

LucTechnical Architect
JulieProject Director
VincentTechnical asset management expert
AnthonySoftware Developer
GillesQA Manager
IrynaProject Manager
JohnSoftware Developer
ManuelSoftware Developer

Our dev team is based in offices in a listed building that was once the hub of the silk industry in Lyon.

…and having the Alps closeby provides an impressive backdrop for team meetings!