Jean-Baptiste LAURENÇON, Project Director, Auchan Retail International

“Optimising the long-term value of our global real-estate portfolio”

“CAPEX intelligence allows us to build a reliable and easily understandable view of our portfolio, right across the Group. With the ability to drill-down to the level of the individual assets and with the built-in life-cycle models we are able to project the future state of our assets. Armed with this information, we can model the impact of every investment decision on the evolution of the portfolio.”

Patrick HOUSSOY, Regional Technical Coordinator, Auchan Retail

“Structured annual audits allowing us to collect vital information for intelligent decision-making”

“Via the mobile app, the Auditor identifies the equipment or building elements and collects targeted data to facilitate decision-making at investment committees. The key is the relevance of this data: KPI Intelligence has developed the know-how that allows us to measure and optimise confidence indices, and thus to optimise the overall performance of the decision support tool.”

Hervé Fréville, Regional technical coordinator, Auchan Retail

Improving the efficiency of investment committee meetings”

“KPI’s software has improved our processes for managing the multi-annual plan: for example with the financial controllers at the investment committees, we now share an interactive support that facilitates CAPEX decision-making.”