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Jérôme, Stuart, Arnaud & Luc previously worked together on energy optimisation projects for clients managing several hundred sites.

While working on these projects, they realised that companies that rely on large real-estate portfolios to drive their business were often unable to construct a clear understanding of their technical state and long-term sustainability.

Giving decision-makers the tools they need in order to understand their portfolio and to allow them to build long-term technical investment budgets was the starting point for the creation of KPI Intelligence.

Jérôme Delsol
Jérôme DelsolCEO
Stuart Solloway
Stuart SollowayCOO
Luc Jean
Luc JeanTechnical Architect
Julie Azières
Julie AzièresBoard Member
John Conners
John ConnersSoftware Developer
François Voron
François VoronLead Developer
Lionel Pichot
Lionel PichotBoard Member
Arnaud Scalbert
Arnaud ScalbertCFO
Cécile Cappele
Cécile CappeleUser Interface Designer
Stepan Barrau
Stepan BarrauSoftware Developer
Hugo Baltz
Hugo BaltzSoftware Developer

Our R&D team is based at Vaulx en Velin la Soie, in Lyon, France, in a listed building that previously served as a textile factory.

Our offices at Vaulx en Velin